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Refreshing a cultural community brand

Keiro is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of senior life in the Japanese American community. They are a respected resource with a rich history steeped in tradition and culture, yet were ready to modernize their brand to appeal to a new generation of caregivers.


Since its inception in 1960, Keiro’s focus had been to provide elder-care residences to an aging Japanese American population with varying levels of independence. However, in recent years, leadership made a strategic organizational shift from providing long-term residences to providing community-based education and resources. With this transition, Keiro identified a need to reposition its brand presence to better resonate with a younger demographic that would become its new target audience and donor base.

One of the biggest discoveries from our brand strategy sessions was that it was highly important to maintain the cultural elements from Keiro’s existing brand assets as a way of honoring the past. With this in sight, we established that a comprehensive brand "refresh" with modernized enhancements would be the best path forward as opposed to creating something entirely new. 

Brand Identity Design

Modern. Energetic. Modest. These were are guiding design attributes that infused all of our conceptual development. For Keiro, it was important to be understood as culturally sensitive and current, while also carrying a modest tone that resonated with their audience. Our design direction evolved from Keiro’s existing brand assets as we reimagined the Japanese MON (three parasols) into a simplified symbol, making it more production-friendly, modern, and relevant to a younger generation. We then paired it with a stylized typeface, further separating it from the old logotype. Keiro’s purple and green were refreshed and expanded into a more comprehensive support palette that enhanced the brand’s visual language.



Brand Support

We created various support materials that brought the visual brand identity to life in coordination with their brand launch. Over time, we’ve helped Keiro with many of its brand applications such as developing publications and designing signage. 

Brand Photography

Keiro’s photography is culturally relevant, warm, authentic, and fun. We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Keiro to produce and art direct many photoshoots, whether it be for specific publication images or general organizational photography for their everyday brand applications. 

“The Pappagalo team is a joy to work with! They listen and understand our objectives and needs, partnering with us to strengthen our identity and brand. Their collaborative approach reflects a sensitivity to the organization and its mission as well as the community it serves. I cannot thank them enough for their contributions over the years which have helped us tremendously.”

Audrey Pettyjohn

Director of Development & Communications  |  Keiro


The refreshed Keiro brand identity ushered in the beginning of a new season for the organization, unifying both internal and external constituents during a time of significant transition. The brand work affirmed Keiro’s commitment to excellence in serving older adults in the Japanese American community as well as resourcing those who care for them. Since the brand launch, Keiro has deepened its connection within the community by becoming more relevant to a related, yet younger demographic than it had in the past, which has enhanced its donor base and expanded its capabilities. 

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