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Branding an inspirational entertainment group

From Las Vegas to Macau, Live 61 brings hope to the stage through energetic and uplifting performances.


Wes Quave Live Music Entertainment was evolving into Live 61, a more collaborative and comprehensive entertainment business, yet they lacked a compelling brand identity and cohesive visual language that supported this important transition. We partnered with them to develop their new brand identity, style guide, and various support items that led the Live 61 launch while providing the creative foundation for future growth.

Brand Identity Design

Our strategy sessions revealed that building the brand identity design around the group’s event photography would provide the best way to differentiate Live 61 from competitors and establish credibility for new opportunities. This allowed their product to take center stage, showcasing the style and scale of events they produce inclusive of the celebrity artists that partner with them. With this in mind, we crafted the brand identity system with a simple, bold, memorable brand mark and vibrant color palette that embodies the strength and passion of Live 61. The simplicity of the brand mark and identity system intentionally anchors the visual language and provides versatility for diverse marketing applications.

“The Pappagalo superpower is their ability to genuinely connect with the heart of your mission, translating your vision and aspirations into materials that produce tangible results. We couldn’t be more proud of our new identity and the impact it’s helping us make!”

Wes Quave

CEO, Owner, Frontline Musician  |  Live 61


The revitalized brand identity design positioned Live 61 as an industry leader, allowing it to stand out and level up its position in a crowded entertainment market. Since launching its new brand, Live 61 has been able to attract new strategic partnerships with large-scale music venues and world-renowned celebrity artists, in addition to bolstering loyalty with its existing client base.

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